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Millions of people around the world have benefited from DONA. Here is what some have said.



  • "DONA Glucosamine" 11th June 2014

It was a very positive first interaction with this company. Their price was very competitive, they kept me updated on the status of my order, and it arrived as promised. 


  • "Dona is effective and easy to swallow" 4th June 2014

Dona Glucosamine Sulfate relieves pain and stiffness. It is easy to swallow does not cause me any side effects. 


  • "Many years of relief from Dona" 23th March 2014 

I have used your product for many years for pain relief from arthritis and help for other chronic pain on the advice of my orthopedic surgeon who also takes Dona glucosamine sulfate. Knowing your product is pure and was a prescription medicine in Europe builds my confidence in Dona. I am a very satisfied customer! 


  • "Love this product!!" 20th March 2014

I have used this stuff for years! I recommend it to everyone I know. If for some reason I am without it for a couple of days I can really tell the difference in my joints. I have RA and this was recommended to me by a Rheumatoligst. It is the best recommendation I ever received from a doctor. 


  • “Unbelievable results! 10th Feb 2014

Three year ago I injured my right knee, had repair surgery eight months later, it was unsuccessful, then after a years wait had a knee replacement. My left knee which I always considered my bad knee was extremely painful for years and now carried me for over two years because of my injured knee and it really flared up. My doctor said I would have to have that knee replaced as well because it was in worst shape than the other, loaded with arthritis and worn out, no way did I want to go thru that again. I had been using another product prior to surgery with out much results, my therapist suggested I try Dona, I did and in a month my left knee was pain free and has been for about a year. The rest of my joints feel great too. I'm back in exercise class and loving every minute of it. I am a Dona fan for sure and I tell everyone about my awesome results. Thanks for producing such a fine product. 


  • “Oil for the joints7th Oct 2013

I love it!


  • “Great product” 30th Sep 2013

Have been using this for years as advised by my neurological surgeon who had also used it for years


  • “Great for me!!!”  17th Sep 2013

My life has changed since DONA helped me. Thank you

  • “DONA Keeps You Going” 12th Sep 2013

One of the early baby boomers, I have been active all my life in soccer (high school),distance running (intercollegiate), and, finally, endurance cyling (metric and mile 'century' rides)in my retirement years. This life style has not been easy on my joints. About 10 years ago my family physician recommended DONA by brand name. Don't substitute, he said. My joints have thrived, still all originals, and I am competitive with and below my age group. I will keep taking DONA until I need a walker, and maybe even after that, who knows!


  • Dr.'s orders” 22nd Aug 2013

I have 2 Dr's that only refer Dona...I have been on it for a couple yrs and have noticed a difference in the pain in my fingers.


  • “DONA works for me” 29th Jul 2013

I have taken DONA for a number of years for osteoarthritis of the hands. It works very well for me. I seldom have hand pain anymore. I went off of it for two weeks last year and found that my whole body hurt. That pain disappeared when I restarted the DONA.


  • “Knee Replacement Avoided” 27th Jul 2013

My doctor told me I might need to start considering a knee replacement once the pain got unbearable. However he had been told he would need a knee replacement years ago but was told about DONA. He avoided a knee replacement and so have I. I sometimes can't believe how pain free I am!


  • “life saver” 4th Jul 2013

My brother in law a rheumatologist recommended the product. I cannot live without my daily dose. I can function!


  • “Best glucosamine around!” 4th Jul 2013

I have used the glucosamine sulfate capsules for over 5 years. My knee pain disappeared. I love the product!


  • “Problem Solved26th Jun 2013

I was having a lot of pain in my knees, and after taking this product, I have had no pain for 5 years. I plan on taking it the rest of my life.


  • “Dona is the best one” 22nd Jun 2013

My wife relieves arthritis completely thanks to dona. It's a great product


  • “The best I've tried” 15th May 2013

When I've been tempted to try another product, I feel knee discomfort as soon as I stop taking the Dona Crystalline Glucosamine Sulfate. Nothing else I've tried has been as effective.


  • “Great for my dad” 15th May 2013

I’ve bought this product for my dad. Its great Thanks!


  • “Es el major” 19th Apr 2013

Me gusta porque es facil de tragar, no huele mal y su tamaño es muy razonable.


  • “Wonderful product” 2nd Apr 2013

I have used Dona for about 15 or 20 years both in capsule and granulated forms. It is fabulous. I am 72 years old and have degenerative disc in my lower back. Dona along with a mild pain reliever helps enormously. I walk 2 miles daily and go to the gym 3 times weekly. Nothing else I have ever tried works as well. 


  • “Why I use Dona27th Mar 2013


Been using Dona for about one year now..
Compared to products I've used in the past, I feel Dona has helped me the best.


  • Product was recommended to me by my rheumatologist” 27th Mar 2013

Both my husband and I have been taking it for over 3 years now


  • "I used this product for about 10 yearsNovember 16, 2012

I have used this product for about 10 years.   It was originally recommended by my doctor as the only glaucosamine  supplement that had been thoroughly tested and was a pure product.  I particularly like the tablets because when I travel, I can just pack a blister pack easily.  I have also used the powder, but it is inconvenient when travelling as one doesn’t always have juice to mix it. 

I have degenerative disc in my back as well as sciatica.  I find that Dona allows me to take less of my pain meds to keep me comfortable.


  • "Dona caplets" May 5, 2012

Have been using this product for a year. It has helped my ability to move my arms and shoulders without any pain. Have tryed other products but this one is better than any other.


  • "Knees aching without DONA" April 19, 2012

Without this product my knees will be aching and I will be walking like a 100 year old person. Continuious use helps my joint pain and stiffness.


  • "Great long term solution" November 19, 2011

I blew out my back over 20 years ago and though I've learned to function the pain was getting worse and worse. My massage therapist suggested glucosamine sufate, however, I am alergic to crustations, so after a lot of research I found this product by Dona.

I have been on it for 6 months and have had great results. The inflamation in my back has decreased dramatically and I have much more mobility than I have had in many years. This is a long term product and should be viewed as such. I didn't start noticing big differences until after month 4, so don't give up after only one or two months. My massage therapist is blown away by the improvement and has started to recommend this product to other patients. I also found that taking it at night yielded the best results for me. I can hardly wait to see what I will feel like after being on this for a year. Thanks Dona!

In fact, it has worked so well that instead of therapy appointmens every two weeks I can go 6 weeks or more between appointments. The savings more than pay for the glucosamine sulfate.


  • "Worked for me" September 16, 2011

My rehab after a skiing injury to my knee last winter had stalled. After two weeks on Dona I experienced significantly reduced pain and am able to train and exercise longer and harder.
I really feel it helped me gain improved function and reduce pain. Honestly, I tried it on a whim with low expectations. I pretty much spent 6 months having to dose up on NSAID's at night to be able to sleep, and now bad knee feels 90% normal. Good stuff!


  • "Great medicine,The Greatest" August 3, 2011

I have been using this product for 12 years. It is a great product, so great that I have not had to have knee surgery. In Europe you need a Drs. prescription to get Dona. This given to me by orthopedic Dr. You have no complactions from this drug and with in 4 to 6 weeks you are back to walking normal and with no pain. Back to my high heals


  • "Works" November 16, 2010

After trying a couple different brands, I have found this product to be AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE. I have noticed a difference in one weeks time. No more cracking bones and less joint pain


  • "Best that I have tried to date" October 3, 2009

I had ACL surgery 12 years ago and meniscus surgery 5 years ago on the same knee. I have been taking glucosamine for about 7 years or so and have tried various brands, various formulations with condrotin (sp?)- etc and have formed a personal opinion on what works best. Though the price is high versus other brands, I am pretty convinced that the DONA crystaline formula of just glucosamine has worked best. Unfortunately our local Walgreens has stopped stocking it.


  • "Pain Relief" February 19, 2009

My Doctor prescribed DONA for an osteoarthritis condition in my hip from which I was having difficulty doing my stretches, taking the first step after sitting for awhile. It was so bad I did not know how I could keep up my active lifestyle (I teach Yoga and Spin classes)
Three weeks into taking DONA the pain lessoned. It has been approx. 2 months on the supplement and I am pain free and have 95% of my range of motion back.. I am thrilled


  • "Best glucosamine" January 16, 2009

This was one of the brands my Dr. suggested. Bought it first and the pain went away. Tried a cheaper brand and the pain came back. Dona is the only brand I use now, and the pain stays away! It is easy to swallow.


  • "Works when used consistently", December 22, 2010

Eighteen months ago a non-trauma injury caused me to experience pain when walking and unable to run. I figured a little time would heal it, but, days, weeks and months came and went with little improvement. I learned to deal with the pain and by learning to put more weight on the outside of the foot I could continue, to a limited extent, run. My ankle would hurt for the first mile and half while it warmed up -but, following the run I would again have pain for the next day. I tried a lot of things, such as ankle braces, tape, insoles, supplements, diet and rest -but, remained frustrated with the lack of improvement. I had tried other glucosamine supplements which also included chondroitin and MSM, but, they seemed of little value. One day I read some research about Dona caplets so I decided to try them - albeit they are very expensive.

After taking Dona for a few weeks I saw a noticeable improvement - and after I finished the 30 day supply, I felt like I was well on the road to recovery. Unsure it was really the Dona caplets, and due to their high cost, I stopped using them. Only a few weeks later I began to notice a definite increase in pain in my ankle and the need to again adjust my walk and stride. So, despite their high cost, I purchased another months supply and again I am feeling much less pain and discomfort. For the past three months I have been able to run regularly while using these caplets daily.

These caplets are not the miracle I was wishing for, but, they definitely have improved my ability to stay active. I was a little surprised that they worked because much of the research seems to indicate that you need chondroitin along with glucosamine. Anyway, I have proven to myself that these caplets provide improvements that I have not seen with other less expensive similar supplements.


  • "Finally, a source for DONA online", October 3, 2007

DONA was recommended to me by a rheumatologist who said it was the specific formulation that had been found effective in the most well-designed studies. I got the feeling from her that not all glucosamine sulfate sources are equal. And it works; my knees are much better with than without this supplement. Walgreens is the only retailer in my city that carries it, but they're out of stock with it most of the time. Finally, a source on the internet. Buy several, though, just to be sure you don't run out.


  • "Helped a lot with my aching joints and stiffness", December 28, 2007

These have sure made a difference to my aching joints. I didn't have any specific problem, just aches and stiffness. Since I started using these pills, my joints are less stiff after sitting at the computer for an hour and I sleep better because my joints don't start aching at night.

Be sure to check with your doctor before using these to make sure you don't have anything that would mean they were a bad idea.


  • "Dona Glucosamine", September 5, 2010

My doctor suggested that I add this medication to the prescription arthritis medications I already take. I couldn't find it at my local drug stores -- I've noticed that store inventories have really become spotty during this weakening economy. Buying it online is so much easier than going to store after store trying to find the product!


  • "What My Doc Recommends", June 4, 2010

Dona is the glucosamine product which my doctor recommends for a very important reason: it's a European supplement, and, therefore, regulated. It means you can be certain you are getting what the product is supposed to be. With supplements here -- having no FDA oversight -- you often do NOT get what you think you are paying for. The other issue is that this product is expensive, and Walgreens here no longer carries it; I must search for the best price I can find. Amazon is it.


  • "Dona - helpful product!", February 28, 2010

I bought Dona at amazon.com a month ago. After one week of taking it I felt that my hip joint pain became noticeably less. Now I feel myself much beter.


  • "This stuff works fast", April 9, 2009  

I used this after I was diagnosed with early osteoarthritis in my left hand. I'm only 35, but my hand deteriorated so rapidly and severely that I had trouble bathing and getting dressed. I wanted to try glucosamine sulfate, and I chose Dona because results were proven in clinical trials.

I am thrilled with this product. After only two weeks I had NO pain in my hand. It was amazing. Now I've been taking it for three weeks and I have nearly full mobility. This stuff is awesome and I plan to keep taking it. Highly recommended for arthritis.

The only drawback is that it's expensive, especially since the directions suggest taking it every day for 3 years! I wish insurance would pay for this because it works like a charm.


  • "The ONLY proven Glucosamine-and helped a LOT!", January 27, 2009

An acquaintance had problems of worn cartilage. Research showed this exact brand of Glucosamine SULFATE had a proven helpful effect. Got some for her, and seemed a bit better after a few weeks. Now, a few months in, it's not like she's playing volleyball and mountain climbing, but the knees are much better.


  • "Excellent for joint health", July 29, 2007

recommended by my husband's rheumatologist, and seems to be making it much easier for him to remain active.


  • "Pain releaving supplement", October 31, 2010

This item is new to us recommended by a doctor who treats us for joint pains
(specially knee pains). We started to take this product only two weeks ago and
beginning to experience a slight relief. Hoping to continue with the product
for better result.


  • "Simply the Best", October 4, 2010

I went to a rheumologist a few years back with knee pain, he put me on Dona. He said that is the only glucosamine he recommended. It not only helps with the pain but actually reverses some of the loss of cartlidge. I take it and also wear cieaura patches and I am pain free. 


  • "Dona Caplets", July 3, 2010

I had severe muscle spasums in my sholders and neck 18 months ago due to avanced deterioration of several vertebrae in my neck. Since taking Dona, I'm back to playing tennis.


  • "Exceptional Product", June 27, 2010

I take two tablets a day. It elliviates my knee pain completely.
I would recommend this product for joint pain and specifically for the knee.


  • "Long time user of excellent product", May 21, 2010

Dona is the best. This is the only glucosamine product my Dr recommends because of the amount of research behind it. The pills are large but not humongous. I know it works because twice when I've had to postpone purchasing for a couple of weeks my osteoarthritis pain and stiffness noticeably increased.


  • "Still in Process but so far so good", November 9, 2009

Dona Glucosamine was highly recommended by my chiropractor, Tom Michaud. He was impressed by the research, and I ordered a bottle of 60 caplets. I'm still with the first bottle and will continue to explore the benefits over a few months.


  • "Lubricant for joints", October 3, 2009

Seems to improve ease of movement and reduce discomfort in my knees. This particular brand was recommended by ortho surgeon.


  • "Dona is a big help", December 20, 2008

My arthritic ankle was giving me a lot of problems in walking and causing swelling of my knee area. I began using the Dona product and the difference was noticeable within three weeks. The swelling disappeared from my knee and I walk without a limp. I also use MBT shoes. The combination works perfectly for me


  • "Great prodcut for your joints", August 24, 2008

My parents have been using this for their articuations (joints) and although they live abrad they keep buying it every time they go to the US!
So i tried it, my knee pain dissapeared soon after i started taking it and i have not had a single complain about my other hurting articulations (herniated disk)!
I am lazy to write more but yes, this is the correct salt if you need Glucosamine.


  • "60 CAPSULES IN A BOTTLE", June 17, 2009

At last I have found the version of DONA capsules that come 60 to a bottle instead of individually packed in an annoying blister package. This stuff is expensive, but wow does it really work.


  • “Dona Glucosamine”August 29th 2010
  • Backed by science
  • Good Value
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Increases Strength
  • Relieves Pain
  • Simple To Take

This product has been shown to actually work by a study called The GAIT study. Look it up for yourself


  • “Investing in Healthy Joints”June 6th 2010

This product is Good Value, Increases Flexibility and Simple To Take.My sister, who is five years younger than I, had to have knee replacement surgery recently. That was my incentive to discuss some preventative action with my physician. He said Dona is the only glucosamine sulfate product with long-term studies behind it. I'm now on a daily regimen (very easy!) along with exercises, prescribed by a PT expert. I'm hoping to keep the knees I was born with!



  • “Juices the Joints!”April 23rd 2010

This was recommended by my doctor. I was complaining of joint pain and he suggested I try this. He told me that it is the only clinically tested glucosamine!

I began to see an improvement in my joints in about 10 days.


  • “I buy this product all the time”April 14th 2010

I have used this product and found tremendous relief unlike similar products. Have recommended it to seceral people. Prefer the tablet it seems to work better for me and easier to take. I have ordered the powder for a friend who cannot swallow tablets.



  • “I've used this product for years” January 29th 2010

I wanted a pure glucosamine product that had been widely tested. This fit the bill. I was experiencing significant pain in my hip due to bursitis. I started taking DONA and the pain improved greatly. I stopped using it and within a month or two the pain had returned. I resumed using DONA and have been pain-free for almost two years.



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