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For over a decade, millions of people, in more than 60 countries around the world, have benefited from DONA™. DONA™ contains the ORIGINAL Glucosamine Sulfate that has been thoroughly studied and shown effective to promote cartilage metabolism, protect joint structure and support joint mobility. DONA™ once-a-day dosage offers the more convenient, easy to remember regimen for maintaining joint health.


64th American College of Rheumatology
and 35th Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals Annual Scientific Meetings

October 29 - November 2, 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

* The independent, confirmatory evidence of the long term disease-modifying effect by Glucosamine Sulfate (DONA™)

Glucosamine Sulfate decreases progression of knee osteoarthritis in a long-term,randomised, placebo-controlled,independent,confirmatory trial.
Karel Pavelka,et al.

* Follow-up studies to the former evidence of the disease-modifying effect by Glucosamine Sulfate (DONA™) Biochemical markers and Disease Modification

Cartilage degradation in knee osteoarthrithis patients with elevated levels of urinary collagen type II C-Telopeptide fragments.
Stephan Christgau,et al.

Changes in serum osteocalcin but not other serum and urinary markers of bone and cartilage metabolism,measured after 12 months,are significantly correlated to long-term (36 months) structural changes in knee osteoarthritis (OA)..
Jean-Yves Reginster,et al.

Biochemical markers of bone and cartilage remodeling are poorly correlated with clinical and radiological severity of knee osteoarthritis.
Jean-Yves Reginster,et al.

* Efficacy of Glucosamine Sulfate (DONA™) on symptoms of OA at different joint localizations.

Efficacy of Glucosamine Sulfate in osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine:a placebo-controlled, randomized,double-blind study.
Klaus K Foerster,et al.