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3.Is the original Glucosamine Sulfate contained in DONA™ different from other glucosamine products?

As mentioned above, plain glucosamine sulfate cannot exist unless in stabilised form. Products claiming to contain glucosamine sulfate without declaring how it is stabilised, most likely do not contain this compound. Most of the products available as dietary supplements contain glucosamine hydrochloride, which is a simpler salt of glucosamine that may not share all the pharmacological properties of Glucosamine Sulfate (see below).

Furthermore, glucosamine-based dietary supplements available in the North American market have been recently criticized by studies from the University of Maryland showing major deviations from label claims in the amount of glucosamine actually contained. Conversely, DONA™ contains the original Glucosamine Sulfate, i.e. in stabilised form and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices: this is certified by the status of prescription drug that DONA™ has in Europe and elsewhere. This means that the product has been approved by Health Authorities around the world according to a thorough, FDA-like, review process, that none of the glucosamine-derived dietary supplements underwent.

Of at least similar importance is that fact that over 90% of the scientific literature, including pharmacokinetics and clinical studies of efficacy and safety, have been performed with DONA™. Dietary supplements containing glucosamine-derived compounds make claims mostly based on the studies performed with DONA™, but they are definitely different products.


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