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14. DONA™ contains sodium: is it contraindicated in hypertension?

As stated above, Crystalline Glucosamine Sulfate is glucosamine sulfate stabilised by co-precipitation with sodium chloride (NaCl). The NaCl content in each DONA™ pachet/sachet that is used once daily, is 384 mg (equivalent to about 150 mg of sodium ion).

This quantity is very low, compared with the standard daily intake of 6-10 g of NaCl (equivalent to 2.36-3.93 g of sodium ion). In hypertensive patients a mild dietary sodium restriction is advised, i.e. up to 5 g NaCl per day (equivalent to 1.97 g of sodium ion). This restriction will not be modified therefore by the small quantity of sodium contained in the daily dose of DONA™. No Health Authority has ever contraindicated DONA™ in hypertension.


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