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15. Can DONA™ cause allergic reactions and/or is it contraindicated in subjects allergic to seafood?

Glucosamine Sulfate can rarely cause allergic reactions that may manifest themselves as cutaneous rashes with pruritus and erythema: this may happen with any medicinal product or dietary supplement of any nature.
Contrary to some dietary supplements (or drugs, in some countries) used to protect joints or in osteoarthritis and that are tissue macromolecular extracts with potential proteic and other impurities that may frequently give rise to allergic reactions, the original Glucosamine Sulfate is obtained by a chemical synthesis process (that assures a high degree of purity), starting from a substance called chitin and which is of sea origin.

Chitin is a highly purified polysaccharide and does not contain proteic impurities that are responsible for allergic reactions in some subjects eating sea-food. Any other potential impurity would be in any case eliminated by the chemical process from which Glucosamine Sulfate is obtained. DONA™ is therefore not contraindicated in subjects allergic to sea food, but only in those subjects who already suffered an hypersensitivity reaction to Glucosamine Sulfate.


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